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Buyback Shipping Tips

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You are responsible for costs of shipping and for making sure that your items arrive safely. This page should help you reduce shipping costs and protect your shipment.

General Tips

  • Print labels online with a service like Pirate Ship for much lower US Postal Service and UPS rates and an easy way to compare options we describe below. You can also use to print paid Priority Mail labels.
  • If you print postage paid labels, you do not need to wait in line - simply drop off your paid package. For Postal Service packages you can even request a free pickup or just give the packages to your mail carrier!
  • Minimize the number of total packages. You are welcome to combine multiple buyback offers into a single package.
  • Postage is priced weight increments - every 4 ounces for Ground Advantage (up to 15.9oz), every 1lb for others. Try to avoid going into the next tier if possible.
  • Commercial carriers like FedEx and UPS charge more for bulkier packaging. Try to use smaller packaging if possible.

Shipping Options in Order of Cost

  • US Postal Service Ground Advantage if total weight is 15.9oz or less.
  • US Postal Service Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope (available for free at most post offices): Low price on everything that fits.
  • US Postal Service Small Flat Rate Priority Mail Box (available for free at many post offices): Low price on everything that fits.
  • US Postal Service Ground Advantage over 1lb.
  • US Postal Service Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail Box (available for free at most post offices): Can be cheaper for heavier shipments, especially at longer distances.

Tips for Safe Delivery

  • Calculators are delicate. Use bubble wrap or other packing materials to protect them.
  • Print the delivery address or shipping label. Packages with handwritten addresses are much more likely to get delayed or lost.
  • All above shipping methods include tracking and up to $100 of insurance if you purchase a label online. Note that tracking is not 100% accurate; signature can be necessary to prove delivery, but costs extra.
We do not require that you use tracking, signature, or insurance; these services can be expensive and issues are rare, especially if you follow the tips above. However, if you do not want to take any chances, make sure you use a trackable and insured shipping method as we will not be responsible for lost or damaged shipments.