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If you change your mind about an order you placed please request order cancellation as quickly as possible by filling out this form. We can cancel orders only until they enter the shipping process which can occur as quickly as minutes after order submission. Note that 'shipping process' is not the same as 'shipment'; orders enter the shipping process before a shipping confirmation is sent to you.

We process cancellation requests as promptly as possible, but cannot offer any assurance that we will be able to cancel your order in time. We will notify you via email about the status of your cancellation. If you intend to purchase the same product from another merchant be sure to wait until we confirm that your order was successfully cancelled prior to making a purchase elsewhere. Unwanted orders that enter the shipping process before being cancelled may be returned according to our Return Policy.

Although we do our best to comply with cancellation requests, our priority is to process and ship orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, which means minimizing the time it takes for orders to enter the shipping process. Thank you for your business and understanding!

*Order Number:
(found in your order confirmation email)

*Email Address:
(must be the email address used for ordering)

*Primary Cancellation Reason:
Unwanted Item - You decided not to purchase this product from anyone at this time.
Price - You decided to purchase elsewhere due to price (explain below).
Terms - You decided to purchase elsewhere for reasons other than price (explain below).
Order Requirements - You were unable to comply with post-order billing or shipping requests.
Other - Explain below.


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By submitting this form you understand and agree that:
  • All fields marked with '*' are required for us to process your request.
  • You will be notified about the status of your request once it is processed.
  • Until such notification there is no guarantee that your order can/will be cancelled.
  • A cancellation fee may apply to international orders.