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Explanation of Shipping Cost Adjustment Policy

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As explained in our Shipping Policies shipping and handling cost is a flat fee for the first item plus a surcharge for each additional item. The cost to ship the first item and each additional item depends only on the shipping option you choose and region you are located in.

We calculate shipping and handling this way to reduce confusion over shipping costs, simplify ordering and support, and eliminate mistakes caused by complicated shipping calculations. This formula is successful in producing fair shipping and handling charges for vast majority of products we carry and orders we receive.

However, since it does not depend on actual shipment weight or shipping distance some results will be lower and some higher than actual shipping and handling cost. If you order inexpensive or light items such as batteries the calculated shipping charges may be much higher than actual shipping cost. If you order heavy items such as cash registers the calculated shipping charges may be much lower than actual shipping cost. This discrepency between calculated shipping and handling charge and actual shipping and handling cost is a disadvantage of using a flat pricing model.

In order to work around this limitation of using flat pricing for shipping we adjust actual prices for products that do not fit well into our shipping calculation (e.g. very light or heavy items). In the end, although amount charged for shipping may not be in line with actual shipping and handling cost, the total displayed by our shopping cart is the correct, intended total price for your order. In other words, had we calculated shipping in a way that reduced shipping cost your product price would likely be higher and your total very similar.

Because our prices take shipping calculations into account and because adjusting shipping would greatly reduce the benefit of using the flat shipping model we do not adjust shipping costs, irrespective of how low or high they may seem (unless otherwise noted in our Shipping Policies or on the item page). Please take the total price including shipping as the intended total and make your purchasing decision accordingly.

Although we realize that shipping and handling charges that are out of line with reasonable shipping costs are frustrating, we believe that moving away from flat shipping would result in more problems than it would solve and instead choose to work within the limitations of this method of calculating shipping since it works so well for large majority of our product line. We apologize for any frustration this decision brings and thank you for your understanding.