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RootM - Complex Number Scientific RPN Calculator for Palm Pilot Image - Click to enlargeBuy It Direct from the developer. Other calculators available!

RootM is an advanced scientific calculator that works directly with complex (imaginary) numbers. Sqrt(-1) or asin(2) are valid computations, producing complex results. Complex numbers can be entered in real/imag format or mag/phase format in a straightforward way. Quickly switch between real/imag and phasor (mag/phase) displays.

RootM is a financial calculator too. RootM has functions to compute loan and mortgage terms and well as simple statistics. The keyboard is packed with functions and more are available via the pop-up menu. In total, RootM has 85 scientific, financial, statistical, and number base functions.

RootM uses the RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry system popularized by Hewlett-Packard calculators. The RPN entry system is very powerful and helps you perform lengthy computations with confidence. RootM is a powerful and economically priced alternative to stand alone calculators such as HP-42 and HP-28 (no graphics). With RootM on your Palm OS device, you will always have your calculator with you.

RootM is an excellent solution for students and professionals in electrical engineering and physics.

Try it Risk-Free thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee!

Important Ordering Instructions: In order for us to generate your registration code you must provide your HotSync Username in the User field above the 'Add to Cart' button. You can find this information in the HotSync application on your PalmOS device.

General Features:

  • Natural calculator interface
  • Easy complex number input via +i and /_ (angle) separators
  • Personalizable color keyboard (6 color choices, 6 on a grayscale device, 2 on a B&W device)
  • IEEE Double precision accuracy (about 16 digits and full IEEE range 2.2e-308 to 1.7e+308)
  • 16 element stack
  • 30 key keyboard (3 functions per key)
  • Function pop-up on main screen provides access to all built-in functions
  • Graffiti input, copy and paste
  • 20 digit display with SCI, FIX, and ENG formats. Exponents from -308 to 308.
  • Status indicators for shift state, angle mode, and financial annuity mode.
  • Degrees, radians, and grads angle modes
  • Preferences to set the number of digits, angle mode, display format, wordsize
  • Real/Imag or Magnitude/Phase complex display format
  • Built-in quick reference
  • Extensive documentation
  • Supports all Palm OS devices including Visor, CLIE, HandEra, and Tungsten/T. Takes advantage of high resolution displays when available.
  • 16 element stack (capable of storing complex numbers)
  • 20 global registers (10 are directly accessible via the keyboard)
  • Ability to swap primary and secondary registers.
  • Stack and register functions: clstk, clreg, clx, p<>s, x<>y
  • Stack roll up and roll down via hardware scroll buttons.
  • View registers and stack
  • Quick stack pop-up and selection (tap display)
Complex-valued Scientific Functions:
  • sin, cos, tan, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1, atan2
  • sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh
  • ln, lnp1, log, ex, expm1, 10x, yx, x2, sqrt, 1/x
  • conj, abs, arg, R->C, C->R, R->P, P->R
Real-valued Scientific Functions:
  • int, frac, floor, ceil, abs, mod, chop, pi
  • deg, rad, hours, H.MS, seconds
Financial Functions:
  • N (number of periods)
  • i (percent interest per period)
  • PMT (payment per period)
  • PV (present value)
  • FV (future value)
  • CLFIN (clear financial registers)
  • Annuity preference (toggle between payments due at the beginning of the period and payments due at the end of the period)
  • View financial registers
Statistics Functions
  • S+ (accumulate statistics)
  • S- (remove data from statistics)
  • mean, std, rand
  • %, % change, N! (factorial)
  • clrstats (clear statistics registers)
  • View statistics registers
Number Base Functions:
  • Hex, dec, oct, bin
  • Modular addition, modular subtraction, modular division, modular multiplication
  • Two's complement
  • And, or
  • Wordsize preference (up to 48 bits)

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