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Promotion/Imprint Image - Click to enlargeTurn our products, or your own, into customized promotional items! We can do custom imprinting on most of our product line as well as on items you send to us, even in small quantities.

While we can source many items made especially for promotional imprinting, this service is intended for printing on regular, retail units that you know and love, but cannot normally find in the promotional industry. This allows you to offer unique products, but requires that you carefully think through where to put your image; retail products do not usually have space specifically allocated for imprinting.

Email Sales with your project requirements for a quote.
  • One-Time Setup Charge (1 color/logo): $99.95 (future orders with the same logo are only $24.95.)
  • We can imprint anywhere from a few units to thousands. The minimum imprinting cost is $199.95; per unit cost will vary with quantity.
  • Larger quantity orders may qualify for product volume discounts.
  • Graphic Format: Vector graphics required (such as those produced by Illustrator, not Photoshop.)

Contact Us: Have a question, suggestion, or concern? Visit our Help Center for assistance!

Suggest-A-Calc: We are always looking for innovative, high-quality products. If you don't see your favorite calculator let us know and we'll notify you when it becomes available!

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