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Canon CP1250-D 12-Digit 4.8 LPS Printing Display Calculator

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Canon CP1250-D 12-Digit 4.8 LPS Printing Display Calculator Image

The CP-1250D uses the original Canon heavy-duty design with the kickstand that enables you to position the angle to your personal preference. The durability is further enhanced by the "Double Injection Keys"; no matter how much you press a key, the number will never wear out because the number is not a decal, but part of the actual key. The Canon quality is also clear when you look at the fast, 4.8 lines per second, Two-color (black and red) print outs or the large, clear numbers on the 12 digit display.

The CP1250D is not only strong but smart. You can calculate business and sales functions, such as the cost, selling price or desired profit margin with the touch of a few keys. Sales tax rates can be stored and accessed with ease. When you are not calculating, the CP1250D will also display the time and date with the calendar and clock function. At the end of a busy day, don't forget to cover the CP1250D with the included dust cover to protect it and extend its life.

  • Decimal Point Selector Switch - Preset decimal point at + (Add mode), 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, F (Floating).
  • Round Up/Off/Down Switch - Rounds the results of multiplication and division to the preset number of digits.
  • Grand Total/Rate Set Switch
    Grand Total: For accumulation of results, also single independent memory (two memories).
    Rate Set: Used for setting or recalling the Tax Rate.
  • Tax Keys - Allows you to set a specific tax rate then add it to or subtract it from a desired number.
  • Item Count Switch
    n+ n+/- function: The calculator counts and prints the number of calculation items up to 999.
    n+: The calculator adds the number of times the "+" and the "-" keys are pressed.
    n+/-: When the switch is set at n+/-, the calculator counts when the "+" key is pressed.
  • Business & Sales Calculations - Used for calculating a selling price or discount based on cost and the desired profit margin.
  • Calendar & Clock Function - Allows you to display the date and time on your printout or on the display of your calculator. You can switch between calendar or clock mode, AM or PM, and even format the date as desired.

Generic Brand #BR80C Sharp S800BRC Equivalent Twin Spool Ribbon
Generic Brand #BR80C Sharp S800BRC Equivalent Twin Spool Ribbon

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