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Canon HS-1200TS 12 Digit Dual Power Cost/Sell/Margin Display Calculator

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Canon HS-1200TS 12 Digit Dual Power Cost/Sell/Margin Display Calculator Image - Click to enlargeThe Canon HS-1200TS may appear small, but this portable desktop calculator is enhanced with many sophisticated features.

The 12-digit, upright angled, liquid crystal display, with its large, easy-to-read numbers, provides you with maximum viewing comfort. The display indicates the operation symbol (+, -, x,) during a calculation and will also show the equal sign (=) when your result is displayed. The high-quality keys on the HS-1200TS incorporate a "PC like" keyboard touch. (When you press a key, you will hear a "tap." This will confirm your entry.) This enhanced accuracy will assist you when calculating important business and sales numbers such as the cost, selling price or the desired profit margin of an item.


  • 12-Digit Extra-Large Display
  • Spacious Keyboard with Contoured Keys
  • The ergonomic angle of the display provides superb comfort and reduces eyestrain from overhead lighting
  • Solar and battery powered capability allows you to get the job done anytime and anywhere regardless of the lighting conditions
  • Includes a Business setting, making it easy to define Cost, Selling Price or Profit margin
  • Performs business calculations such as percentage add-on and discount
  • The built-in memory and grand total will help save steps and time when computing complex lists of numbers.

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