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Casio FX-65 Solar Fraction Calculator Teacher Pack

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Casio FX-65 Solar Fraction Calculator Teacher Pack Image - Click to enlargeIncludes: 10 Calculators, Teacher Guide, Poster of Calculator.

Casio FX-65 Solar Fraction CalculatorCasio FX-65 Solar Fraction Calculator3/18/14 - Now out of stock.

Nothing brings clarity to fraction studies better than the Casio FX-65. It offers true fraction display and a host of powerful features that let students explore and understand fractions like never before.


  • Large color-coded keys are grouped by function
  • Shift key color is the same as Shift key function graphics
  • Hard plastic keys resist abuse
  • Solar powered with battery backup for operation in any lighting situation
  • Large display shows 10 digit mantissa plus 2 digit exponent (10+2)
  • Fixed decimal, scientific and engineering display notation options
  • Performs calculation according to standard Mathematical priorities (MDAS order)
  • 5 Memory functions (M+, M-, MR, XM, and MC)
  • Two programmable constant functions simplify repetitive calculations and conversions
  • Clear last entry or clear all entries
  • Backspace/correction key
  • Perform basic (+, , , ) Exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric computations using fractions
  • Convert between fractions, mixed numbers, improper fractions and decimal notation
  • Display indicates when a fraction can be simplified
  • Simplifies fractions automatically or according to a user supplied factor
  • Displays common factor used during simplification of mixed numbers and fractions
  • Integer division shows quotient and remainder
  • Percent operations with +, , ,
  • Math functions include: x2, , x3, 3, xy, x, x-1, p
  • Probability functions include nPr, nCr, x!, and random number
  • Trigonometric functions include: sin, cos, tan, hyperbolic, inverse and inverse hyperbolic functions
  • Convert angles between Deg, Rad and Grad
  • Polar rectangular conversions
  • Statistics functions include Free application based newsletter x, Sx, Sx2, sn, sn-1
  • Teacher packs of 10 calculators available
  • Classroom sets of 30 available (Classroom Set = 3 Teacher Packs of 10)
  • Permanent storage case included with Teacher Packs/Classroom Sets
  • Instruction manual included
  • Impact resistant slide-on case with quick reference card
  • Classroom poster available
  • One year limited warranty
  • Toll-free hotline

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