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Welcome to our eBay Frequently Asked Questions! To find an answer to your question please use the index below or search our Question List using your browser's Find/Search feature (usually found in the Edit menu).

Shipping Questions:

Payment Questions:

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Where Do You Ship? Can You Ship To My Country?

We ship many items listed on eBay to nearly every country in the world. Refer to the specific listing and check the 'Ships to:' section below the 'Place Bid' or 'Buy It Now' buttons. If your country is listed or it says 'Worldwide' then we can ship to you.

You can also follow the process to 'determine the shipping cost'.

We do not currently offer shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puero Rico, APO/FPO, or U.S. Protectorates through eBay.

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping costs are specified in every listing. To determine shipping follow these steps:

  1. Look at the top of the listing below the 'Place Bid' or 'Buy It Now' buttons. The shipping cost is provided there.
  2. If you are looking for shipping for higher quantities or to a location different from what is listed simply click on the '(more services)' link below the shipping price.
  3. Select your country from the list
  4. Enter the desired quantity
  5. Click the 'Update' button.

You will be presented with all available shipping methods and costs.

Alternately, you can determine shipping by clicking the 'Place Bid' or 'Buy It Now' button. A shipping estimate will be shown before you complete the purchase - take care to NOT move past the confirmation screen unless you want to purchase the item.

Can You Reduce My Shipping Cost?

Please refer to Discounts.

Can I Pick-Up My Purchase?

We do NOT offer item pickup unless specified in our eBay listing.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Purchase?

Domestic orders typically ship within 1-2 business days of payment receipt and verification. Most orders ship same or next day. Orders shipping outside of the continental United States may require up to 7 additional business days for payment verification and shipment consolidation though they often ship much quicker.

After the order ships delivery times depend on the selected shipping option and are approximately as follows:

Economy Shipping - 2-10 business days though it may occasionally take longer. Orders may ship by any shipping method. Slower methods like Media Mail and Parcel Post are more likely to be used than with Standard Shipping. We cannot say in advance which method will be used.

Standard Shipping - 2-5 business days though it may occasionally take longer. Orders may ship by any one of a number of shipping methods including USPS First Class, Priority Mail, FedEx Ground, DHL Ground, UPS Ground, as well as other services. We cannot say in advance which method will be used.

One-day Shipping - 1 business day. Orders may ship by any one of a number of shipping methods including FedEx Overnight, DHL 1Day, UPS Next Day Air Saver, USPS Express Mail (if 1-day delivery is guaranteed to your location) as well as other services. We cannot say in advance which method will be used.

Standard Int'l Shipping - 2-8 weeks though it may occasionally take longer. Orders may ship by USPS First Class International, Priority Mail International, as well as other services. We cannot say in advance which method will be used.

Expedited Int'l Shipping or Priority Mail Express International - 1-3 weeks though it may occasionally take longer. Orders will ship by USPS Express Mail International. If Express Mail International is not available to your location we will use Priority Mail International.

FedEx International Economy - 3-7 business days; longer to some locations. Orders may ship by FedEx or an equivalent DHL or UPS service.

Can I Pay by PayPal?

Yes, we accept PayPal payments worldwide as long as your payment qualifies for PayPal Seller Protection (nearly all payments do.)

We also offer other payment options.

Can I Pay by Check or Money Order?

No. eBay's current payment policy prohibits sellers from accepting checks or money orders as payment.

How Do I Pay? What Payments Options Do You Offer?

After you complete your eBay purchase we will send you an email with payment instructions along with an electronic invoice. We accept the following payment options:

PayPal - Accepted from customers Worldwide as long as the payment qualifies for PayPal Seller Protection (nearly all payments do.) Escrow Service - Accepted from customers Worldwide. Make an Escrow Payment. All escrow fees are responsibility of the buyer.

Western Union - Accepted from customers Worldwide. All transfer fees are responsibility of the buyer.

In all cases we reserve the right to deny any particular payment. We have extensive procedures in place to protect ourselves and our customers from fraud. Since it is not possible to detect fraud with 100% accuracy please do not be offended if we are unable to accept your payment - it does not mean that we believe you to be a fraudster. It simply means that we do not have sufficient certainty to accept the transaction. We will typically offer an alternate payment option and will do what we can to help with extra costs involved with the alternate payment method.

Can You Mark the Item as a Gift? Can You List a Lower Purchase Price on Customs Forms?

No. All items must be listed to customs at the purchase price.

Is VAT, Import Taxes, Duties, etc. Included? Can You Tell Me How Much They Will Be?

Import taxes, duties, brokerage fees, etc. are NOT included in any of the prices or shipping costs. These fees, when applicable, will be collected on delivery and can be substantial. Unless you are experienced with international ordering we recommend that you contact your local customs office for an estimate of these costs. We cannot estimate these costs for you and cannot do anything to help you reduce them.

Can You Tell Me What the Total Cost Will Be?

To determine the total click the 'Place Bid' or 'Buy It Now' button. Be sure to NOT complete the purchase. The total should be shown to you.

Alternately, you can take the price of the product and add the shipping cost and sales tax. This will give you the total not including any import fees or taxes charged by your country.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

We charge 8.5% sales tax on all orders that ship to the State of California. We do not charge sales tax on shipments to any other states. The tax will be automatically added to the total by eBay.

Can You Give Me a Discount?

If you purchase more than one unit or several different products your price per unit will be lower due to significantly reduced shipping we offer on additional units. Due to the high cost of eBay transactions we do NOT offer any additional discounts for purchases made through eBay.

Is The Product New? What Condition Is The Product In? What Accessories Are Included?

The condition of the item is detailed in the eBay listing. In general, nearly all products we sell are brand new in unopened manufacturer packaging with warranty and all supplies and accessories. Any deviations from this will be noted in the eBay listing.

Is The Manufacturer Warranty Included?

All new products we sell include a full manufacturer warranty. Note that if you ship the product outside of the United States the manufacturer might not honor the warranty. If this is a concern please contact the manufacturer prior to purchase.

Can I Get Product Manuals In A Different Language? Can I Get A Non-US Version Of The Product?

Unless otherwise noted in the listing, all products are standard U.S. versions and include English documentation. We do not have any other product versions unless there is a separate listing for them. Some manufacturers may include documentation in multiple languages in the package or provide international documentation separately for sale or as a free download. Please contact the manufacturer directly if you require international documentation.

Can I Return The Item After Purchase? How?

The return conditions for each item are specified in the item listing. In general, we accept returns for 30 days after purchase, but please review the listing for exact details. Our return policy for an eBay listing may be different from our general store policies. Many items can only be returned unopened and shipping fees are often not refundable.

If you would like to return the order please request a return through your eBay Account. The return link can usually be found under more actions.

Can I Cancel My Purchase? How?

When you bid on an item you enter a binding contract. Changing your mind is against eBay policies, is inappropriate, and is a significant disruption to the selling process. We will do our best to cancel orders upon request, but may issue negative feedback to warn other sellers of your behavior. We will file an Unpaying Bidder complaint with eBay to receive a refund of fees for the transaction. An Unpaid Item strike may be added to your account as a result.

International orders may be subject to cancellation fees to help cover the high cost of payment verification and processing and consolidation shipments that may have been sent before the cancellation request.

If we are unable to complete the transaction due to payment or inventory issues we will request cancellation by mutual agreement which will not result in negative feedback or an Unpaid Item strike against you.

If you would like to cancel the order please submit an Order Cancellation Request. Keep in mind that our eBay cancellation policies override our store policies.

All cancellations are done on best effort basis only. If we are unable to cancel your order before it ships you will need to follow our Return Policy to return the unit.

Can You Leave Me Positive Feedback?

If the transaction went smoothly we will leave positive feedback after one is left for us. We do not leave feedback until we receive it. It make take several days after you leave feedback for us leave reciprocal feedback for you.