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Agreement to International Terms and Conditions

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Thanks again for your order. International orders present additional risks and complexities and are subject to terms and conditions that are not normally present for domestic purchases. This form is designed to minimize unpleasant surprises by reminding you of special conditions and allowing you to cancel or modify your order. This form also collects additional information required for us to verify and approve international orders.

We apologize for any inconvenience this additional step causes you and hope that you understand that it is necessary to protect ourselves and our customers from risks and misunderstandings of international business. Your order will not be processed until we receive and verify information requested on this form.

*Order Number:
(found in your order confirmation email)

*Name of the Credit Card Issuing Bank:
(found on the back of your credit card)

*Phone Number of the Credit Card Issuing Bank:
(found on the back of your credit card)

*Is the Shipping Address on Record with Your Credit Card Company:
Yes - Either you receive your credit card bills at this address or you contacted your credit card company and had them add this address to the approved list.
No - As indicated in our International Policies we can only accept credit card payments for orders shipping to the address on record with the credit card company. Please select among the following options:

Change Shipping Address - Please check the box on the left and enter the shipping address that is on record with your credit card company in the comments field below.

*I Understand and Agree to International Order Policies Including:
Additional Charges and Delays - Although international orders often ship within the item availability guideline at a price calculated by our shopping cart additional costs, delays, and limitations will apply to some orders. We will contact you for approval in case of additional charges or delays that exceed 5 business days. Please refer to our Info page for details.
Import Taxes and Fees - Taxes, duties, brokerage fees, and other charges associated with import are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in our charges. Please refer to our Info page for details.
Returns and Warranties - International customers are responsible for transportation and import/export costs of all returns and exchanges. Please refer to our Return Policy for details. Manufacturers might not honor warranties on exported products; if this is a concern please contact the manufacturer prior to purchase.
Cancellations - Once you submit this form we might not be able to cancel your order. A cancellation fee of 10% or $25.00, whichever is greater, will be applied for orders that can be cancelled (there is no fee for orders cancelled before you submit this form).
Charge From 'intelliHoldings' - A charge from 'intelliHoldings' will appear on your credit card statement for this transaction.
Our Complete Terms and Conditions - Please review our Info page.

If you do not agree to above conditions please Submit a Cancellation Request instead of filling out this form.

Comments and Additional Details:

*Sign by Entering Your Full Name:

By submitting this form you understand and agree that:

  • All fields marked with '*' are required for us to process your request.
  • Orders are processed in accordance with our policies.
  • If additional information is required it will be requested from you via email.