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Race and Sports Book Handicapping Computer for Thoroughbred, Harness, Greyhound, and Football

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This item is no longer being manufactured and we do not expect to be able to offer it again. If you would like to be notified if we find a potentially equivalent product please email us and we will keep your request on file.

Recommended Replacement: Consider the Pocket Handicapper. Also, software versions of Thoroughbred formulas used by this computer are available. Would you like to suggest one?

This pocket computer contains the country's most consistently winning, handicapping programs for thoroughbred racing, harness racing, greyhound racing, along with football and over/under point totals. Each program has been independently developed and is a stand-alone success. Improved technology allows us to combine all handicapping programs into one convenient, pocket sized unit and to sell them all at one price with absolutely no additional monthly service fees!

As more beginners, as well as pro handicappers, see this amazing product in action and witness its exciting results, it is fast becoming the most popular and widely used handicapping tool in North America.

The battery powered, hand-held unit can also be utilized as a versatile calculator with a wide range of functions and requires no computer skills or experience. In addition to the instruction manual provided, step-by-step prompts appear on the easy to read, 16 character, computer screen--- making it very user friendly.

In any of the three race handicapping program modes, the computer calculates a numerical rating for each horse or dog. The higher the rating, the better. All the information needed for input is found in the DAILY RACING FORM or in printed programs sold at the track. The computer's portability and easy operation (no cartridge changes necessary) allows you to do the handicapping right at the track, and also ideal for simulcast races or casino handicapping tournaments.

This incredible product comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty and includes instruction manual as well as betting terminology and strategies. Don't forget that you can Try it Risk-Free thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee!

Program Details:

  • The thoroughbred program is the most uncomplicated yet highly regarded on the market, as proclaimed by CASINO PLAYER MAGAZINE as well as the many men and women who consider handicapping horses as a serious business. It is based on the "established class" theory which is founded on the time-tested premise that the highest class horse, if fit and ready, is most apt to win any race. The process to determine which horse truly has the highest class, regardless of the odds, is remarkably simple when using the RACE & SPORTS BOOK COMPUTER. With a little practice, you will be able to compute a thoroughbred horse rating in about 20 seconds.
  • The harness program differs from the thoroughbreds. Our research indicates that other factors, in addition to class, greatly influence the results of a race. Such things as post position, driver rating, stretch run performance, past running times, and finish position are all a part of the calculation. Again, the higher the rating, the better the horse.
  • The greyhound program has some similarities to the harness program. It focuses on such things as post position, demonstrated ability to get out of the starting box, ability to finish strong and avoid accidents, past finish positions and race grade.
  • The football program has become the product of choice for the serious handicapper and is also easy yet very effective. From certain information found in sports page box scores, a performance rating (based on such things as average yards / play, etc.) is quickly computed for each team for each game played. As teams are later matched up, the computer takes those respective performance ratings then displays on the screen which team should win and by how many points (i.e. "HOME TEAM BY 13", "VISITORS BY 6", etc.) Per instructions in the manual, a quick comparison of the computer prediction to the betting line will determine the advisability of making a pick. It takes about 20 minutes to handicap a typical, NFL weekly schedule.
  • The over/under point total program, again using sports page information, predicts the total number of points to be scored by both teams in a game. A comparison of the computer number to the over/under betting line number will determine the advisability of making a pick. This program can also be used for basketball, baseball, and hockey.

Important: This product is intended to be used for entertainment purposes only by those eighteen years of age or older.

Not available.


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