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Sonin 10300 Multi-Measure Combo Pro - Long Range Indoor/Outdoor Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Tool

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Sonin 10300 Multi-Measure Combo Pro - Long Range Indoor/Outdoor Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Tool Image - Click to enlargeFind distances in seconds with a push of a button! Sonin Combo Pro pushes the limits of ultrasound by allowing accurate measurements over incredible distances even outdoors or when there is no hard surface to measure against!

Sonin Multi-Measure Combo Pro is the only ultrasound device on the market that works outdoors and is capable of taking measurements over distances of up to 250 feet. It offers you an affordable option for long distance, indoor/outdoor applications that previously required laser measuring tools costing many hundreds, often thousands, of dollars.

Sonin Multi-Measure Combo Pro offers incredible range, outdoor measuring, a built-in calculator to add linear measurements and compute areas and volumes, 7 memories to store measurements, intelligent software, improved accuracy along with display to 1/4 inch, continuous measuring, decimal feet/yards display, pouch with belt loop, and much more!


  • Measures from 1'6" Up To 60 Feet(18 meters) in single unit mode
  • Measures from 1'6" Up To 250 Feet(75 meters) in dual unit mode with target
  • Electronic target has LED to confirm signal being recieved
  • Works outdoors or inside
  • Computes areas and volumes
  • Adds linear measurements, area, volumes
  • Measures in Ft/In, M/Cm decimal Ft and Yds
  • Continuous Measurement/Tracking and Validate Modes
  • 7 memories with easy recall
  • Automatic internal temperature compensation
  • Auto shut-off 7 minutes after last use
  • Multi-lingual Detailed instruction booklet
  • Multi-linqual Quick Reference instruction label
  • Low Batery Warning
  • Requires Two 9 Volt Batteries(not included)
  • Accuracy 99.5% +/- 1/4"(1cm)
  • Protective Pouch with Belt Loop
  • One Year Warranty

Duracell 9V Alkaline Battery
Duracell 9V Alkaline Battery

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