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SwissMicros DM16L Programmer's RPN Calculator - HP-16C Clone

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SwissMicros DM16L Programmer's RPN Calculator - HP-16C Clone Image - Click to enlargeThe DM16L is the programmer's calculator designed to display and work with numbers in hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary, and convert numbers from one base to another. A number of specialized functions are provided to assist the programmer, including left- and right-shifting, masking, and bitwise logical operations.


  • A wealth of functions for the programmer including:
    • Integer and floating point maths.
    • Shift functions: left and right, arithmetic and logical.
    • Rotate functions: Rotate a single position or n positions left or right, through carry or not.
    • Left justify the bits of a word.
    • Masking: Create masks to mask left or right n bits.
    • #B: return the number of bits set in a word
    • Multiply/Divide: Provides functions for multiplying single precision numbers into single precision or double precision results. Likewise, allows single or double precision dividends.
    • Bitwise Logic: and, or, not, xor
    • Bit setting and testing
    • Flag setting and testing: (user flags and overflow/carry)
  • Construction: Case made from a sand-blasted Grade 1 Titanium housing, brown anodized and laser engraved
  • Software: ARM microcontroller emulating the NUT processor
  • Processor: LPC1115 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller
  • Memory: 64 kB internal flash, 8kB RAM
  • Display Type: Reflective Positive FSTN
  • Display Resolution: 132 16 pixels
  • Display Active Area: 69.1 mm 10.0 mm / 2.72" x 0.39"
  • Display Dot Pitch: 524 m 626 m
  • Connectivity (PC): USB Mini-AB port for firmware update and data exchange via CDC
  • Battery Type: 1 CR2032 lithium coin cell, 3.0 volts
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 years
  • Sound: 4 kHz resonance frequency Piezo-electric buzzer
  • Size: 129 mm 79 mm 13 mm / 5.08" x 3.11" x 0.51"
  • Weight: 150 g / 5.29 oz
  • Warranty: 5 years

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