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Commercial Electrical Wiring to the 1999 NEC

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Commercial Electrical Wiring to the 1999 NEC Image - Click to enlargeMake the transition from residential to commercial electrical work. Here are wiring methods, spec reading tips, load calculations and everything you need for making the transition to commercial work: commercial construction documents, load calculations, electric services, transformers, overcurrent protection, wiring methods, raceway, boxes and fittings, wiring devices, conductors, electric motors, relays and motor controllers, special occupancies, and safety requirements. This book is written to help any electrician break into the lucrative field of commercial electrical work.

320 pages, 8-1/2 x 11

Back Cover:

Commercial Electrical Wiring
by John E. Traister

Most residential electricians want to move up in the ranks of the profession. Many of them dream of going into commercial electrical work. Everyone hears the stories about the big money contracts and the jobs that run for months at a stretch. On a commercial job you can run at assembly-line speed, and not face the constant delays of change orders so common in residential work. If you think this sounds like an electrician's paradise, this book will help you get there.

Make no mistake, commercial electrical work is different. That's exactly why so few residential electricians do anything more than daydream about turning to commercial work. One big hurdle is having to learn the sections of the National Electrical Code specific to commercial work. This book is filled with explanations, examples and tips to help you comply with the parts of the code that are new to you. Lists of crucial parts of the requirements appear throughout the book. These special sections cover:

  • Grounding
  • Switches
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Electric motors

Another big difference between residential and commercial electrical work is the greater complexity and volume of paper. An electrician who's not prepared is easily overwhelmed by it all. This manual prepares you for this by showing you how to read and understand any unfamiliar symbols, plans, drawings, diagrams, or schematics. It will also guide you through the pages and pages of specifications common in commercial electrical work.

The usefulness of this book won't end when you're off and running with new commercial jobs. You'll want to keep it close at hand on job sites because of all the practical information included here:

  • Sizing of electrical services and conductors
  • Placement and configuration of wiring devices
  • Selecting and installing the right overcurrent protection
  • Load calculation formulas and examples
  • Commercial wiring systems of all types
  • Safety and support systems

If you're an electrician who wants to increase your work volume and profits by moving into commercial work, Commercial Electrical Wiring will show you the way.

The Author

John Traister has more than thirty years in the construction business to his credit. Licensed as a master electrician in Virginia, he's done both electrical design and installation on a broad spectrum of commercial and residential projects. He was a principal in Engineering Associates, Ltd., where his responsibilities included supervising other electrical designers and keeping them abreast of changes in the National Electrical Code. It was a logical next step to bring his skills and experience together as a writer of technical manuals. He has shared his knowledge of commercial electrical design and installation and the NEC with an ever-widening audience, in almost 100 technical books and nearly 300 articles published in a mix of trade journals and nationally-distributed publications.

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