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Estimating Electrical Construction Revised Image - Click to enlargeLike taking a class in how to estimate materials and labor for residential and commercial electrical construction. The original version was by an A.S.P.E. National Estimator of the Year, using the traditional estimator’s tools – pencil, paper and calculator.

This brand new edition, revised and updated by the senior estimator of a large electrical contracting firm, adds automation to the process. Here, it demonstrates how an electronic measuring device with PC interface (also available from Craftsman), can be used to deliver the materials data into estimating software, which uses an up-to-date database of thousands of materials, labor and equipment costs to arrive in minutes at an error-free and reliable cost estimate.

Teaches how to do a plan take-off, deal with suppliers, modify labor units to suit, and write the bid summary to prepare an accurate estimate, both manually and electronically. Provides access to the software, plus over 60 free construction estimating forms.

272 pages, 8-1/2 x 11

Back Cover:

Estimating Electrical Construction Revised
by Mark Tyler

Explains how to create a reliable estimate for residential, commercial or light industrial construction - from essential preliminaries to submitting the final bid.

Every aspect of electrical estimating is covered - from plan take-off, to labor units, to material pricing, to assembly of the bid summary. Includes practical examples and sample forms to use on your jobs. Explains the electrical estimating process: types of bids and elements of each, what to look for on the job walk, how to deal with suppliers and use pricing sheets, how to modify labor units, and how to avoid the most common electrical estimating mistakes.

A complete estimate for a commercial building is included, starting with the scope of work, the materials and equipment to use, installation requirements, and a complete set of plans for the electrical system. Worksheets, pricing sheets, the bid summary sheet, telephoned quotations and the spreadsheets are all provided so you can compare your work with what an experienced professional electrical estimator would do. Includes detailed instructions for:

  • Selecting projects
  • Doing the material takeoff
  • Calculating material costs
  • Using an electronic measure and PC interface
  • Completing an estimate manually
  • Using estimating software
  • Figuring overhead & profit
  • Including all costs
  • Using alternates for cost-savings
  • Smart bidding
  • Pricing for profit
  • Dealing with change orders
  • Handling backcharges
  • Settling claims and disputes Explains click-by-click how to use the
  • National Estimator electrical estimating software and the National Electrical Estimator, an annual cost book with a database of thousands of common electrical items, including material costs, manhours, and labor and equipment costs.

The estimating forms and checklists in this book are included with the FREE trial download of National Electrical Estimator, the estimating program used throughout this book. Load these handy forms (in Excel, Word and PDF format) onto your hard drive. Then use them on all your electrical estimates.

Mark Tyler is the son of Edward Tyler, the electrical estimator who wrote the first edition of this book over 30 years ago. Ed's estimating tools were primarily pencil, paper, and a calculator. Mark teaches the same principles. But his tools are very different: an electronic measuring device with PC interface, estimating software, and a database of thousands of electrical labor, material and equipment costs. Like most electrical estimators, Mark started as an electrician, progressed to estimator, and is now senior estimator/project manager for a large electrical contractor in the northwest.

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