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Illustrated Guide to the 1999 NEC Image - Click to enlargeThis fully-illustrated guide offers a quick and easy visual reference for installing electrical systems. Whether you're installing a new system or repairing an old one, you'll appreciate the simple explanations written by a code expert, and the detailed, intricately-drawn and labeled diagrams. A real time-saver when it comes to deciphering the current NEC.

384 pages, 8-1/2 x 11

Back Cover:

Illustrated Guide to the 1999 National Electrical Code
by John E. Traister - Revised & Updated by Bradford Maher

It's not easy to understand the National Electrical Code, especially when you're under pressure to finish a job on time and within budget. But every electrician needs to know what the Code requires.

This fully-revised manual, with its large, clear illustrations, makes the NEC as clear and easy-to-follow as possible. Simple explanations written by one Code expert and revised and updated by another, coupled with detailed, clearly-labeled diagrams, make this your best reference when it comes to installing electrical systems to Code.

You'll find the NEC requirements written in understandable language for:

  • rough wiring
  • overcurrent protection
  • transformers and capacitors
  • branch circuits and feeders
  • switches, panelboards and load centers
  • signaling circuits
  • lighting and heating equipment
  • motors and controllers

A section on miscellaneous electrical systems provides exact instructions, clearly diagrammed, for Code-approved installation of electric signs, busways, wireways and ducts, induction and dielectric heating, computer systems, welding and lifting equipment, and more.

This book is not intended as a substitute for the NEC. Instead, it's a quick way to visualize correct installation. If you install electrical work and hate spending hours puzzling over Code requirements, you should have this handy reference to the 1999 NEC.

John Traister worked in the construction industry for thirty years. A master electrician, he designed and installed electrical systems in both residential and industrial applications. As a writer, he shared his construction knowledge in almost 100 technical books and hundreds of articles in trade journals and national publications.

Bradford Maher is a master electrician who has worked in the trade for over 15 years. He now operates his own electrical contracting company, working in both the residential and the commercial and industrial fields. In his career, he has done everything from changing light bulbs in residences to installing complete power substations. Mr. Maher is considered an expert on the NEC, and teaches classes on the Code and Code updates at Essex Technical College in Vermont.

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