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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Recommended Replacement: powerOne Personal, powerOne Finance, or powerOne Graph together with an Auto Lease Template are a replacement for this calculator. Have a better suggestion?

Lease Pro, a comprehensive property and auto lease calculator, is a great solution for auto dealers, commercial real estate agents, and new car buyers. Did you know that auto and commercial leases require vastly different equations? Most people don't, but with Lease Pro you don't have to worry about which equations to use. Simply select the lease type and Lease Pro automatically calculates your lease correctly. Try this with any other lease computer, and you'll see the difference.

Try it Risk-Free thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee!

Easy answers to your pressing questions:

  • Is it better to lease or buy my next car?
  • How does the interest rate affect my monthly lease payment?
  • How much does my payment change if I make an advanced payment?
  • What is the interest rate for a particular money factor?
  • How does the trade-in price affect my payments?
  • Any many more!

Lease Pro Features

  • Calculate all leases, including auto, equipment and property. Separate equations are applied for auto and commercial leases
  • Export to memo pad feature gives you a tool to save, beam or print your results
  • Variables include Price, Cost, Down Payment, Interest Rate, Months, Number of Advance Payments, Points (Fees), and Residual Value
  • Switch between money factor and interest rate
  • Switch residual value and points between percentage rate or dollar amount
  • Compute Cost, Payment, Interest Rate, Months, or the Residual Value
  • Use the Depreciation table to view period-by-period information, including beginning and ending balances, payment, principal, and interest amounts
  • Enter 12-digit numbers and view decimal places using 11 different settings
  • Online help and manual gives you access to information wherever you are
  • Interface with other applications through the system clipboard
  • Straightforward design makes entry and calculation simple

System Requirements

  • PalmOS 2.0 or greater
  • 64Kb free Palm connected organizer memory for each application
  • 1MB of available hard drive space for User Guide and installer
  • Windows 9x/2000/NT or Macintosh OS 7.0 or later for installer

Volume pricing available!

Privacy Policy Note: Your contact information will be shared with the manufacturer to assure you of proper support. We do our best to work only with most reputable manufacturers who will not abuse your personal information, but we encourage you to review the manufacturer's Privacy Policy yourself.

Not available.


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