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powerOne Graph - Graphing Calculator for Palm Pilot - Replaces TI-83 or HP-48G Image - Click to enlargeWe no longer sell this product directly.

powerOne™ Graph v4.2 offers comparable functionality to popular Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, and Casio graphing calculators including TI-83 Plus, HP-48G, HP-48G+, and HP-48GX series graphing calculators (click View Data Sheet for comparison). From High School and College students to Engineers and Researchers, powerOne Graph turns handheld computers into amazingly powerful graphing scientific calculators. Solving complex math and science problems has never been easier.

powerOne Graph goes beyond the functions of traditional graphing calculators by offering a unique touch screen user interface, larger display, color, and infinite expandability through its templates and built-in equation solver. powerOne Graph also includes complex numbers, matrix operations, calculus functions, statistics operations, unit conversions, and polar, function, and parametric graphing in color (on color devices only).

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Graphical Analysis

  • Graph: function, polar, sequence and parametric equations
  • Plot: scatter plots, bar graphs, distribution plots, histograms, box plots and normal probability
  • See: crisp and clear visual presentation on color and black & white displays
  • Document & Organize: categorize graphs and add notes
  • Beam & Export: send graphs to other handhelds or export to the desktop for email
  • Compare: single step selection of inequalities to highlight graph differences
  • Analyze: understand graphs with integral, derivative, regression, y intercept, root, min, max, tangent, distance, arc, equation intersection, evaluate and trace analysis all with a simple tap on the screen
  • Zoom: choose from 9 different modes to get the right view quickly

Equation Solver and Templates

  • Simple: like mini-spreadsheets, use templates to perform what-if scenario analysis easily while eliminating the need to remember complicated keystrokes
  • Integrated: comes with templates designed for:
    • Statistics: t tests, z tests, proportion and confidence interval tests, 1 and 2 variable statistics, chi-squared, and ANOVA
    • Regressions: linear, natural log, logarithmic, exponential, power, quadratic, cubic, quartic, logistic, sinusoidal and median-median
    • Conversions: area, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, temperature, velocity and volume
    • Calendar: date and time
    • Business: discount, markup, percent change, sales tax, tip and Time Value (TVM)
    • More: Choose from more than 100 additional calculation templates
  • Create: build your own custom templates with the built-in equation solver
  • Share: beam or export templates to other handhelds; save data to word processors and spreadsheets; print

Data Analysis

  • Input: choose from algebraic, RPN, order of operations and chain input modes
  • Calculate: numerical calculus, complex numbers, fractional math, trigonometry, hyperbolic, matrices, lists and tables, bitwise and Boolean logic, descriptive and inferential statistics, distribution and probability, and financial mathematics
  • Convert: hex, binary, octal and decimal, DMS and degrees formats, fractions and unit conversions
  • Solve: built-in equation solver to perform what-if analysis
  • Customize: quickly change the calculator interface with skins, create your own functions, variables and constants, and access your favorite functions and templates
  • Connect: import data from scientific probes, communicate with spreadsheets, export to word processors, and share data, templates and graph equations and settings

System Requirements

  • PalmOS 3.1 or later (all devices except Pilot 1000/5000, PalmPilot Personal/Professional, original Palm III)
  • 1.1MB of device memory
  • 4MB of Windows or Macintosh computer memory for manual and installer

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