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Jobber 6 Advanced Trigonometric Construction Calculator w/ 0-15 Keys Image - Click to enlarge2/2/23 - Now out of stock.

Jobber 6 is one of the the most advanced and innovative construction calculators ever developed! It includes a wealth of features to help you get your job done faster, simpler, and more accurately. Named one of the Hot Products of the Year by Modern Steel Construction magazine it effectively replaces the entire book of Smoley's!

Specifically designed for builders, carpenters, engineers, tradespersons, draftpersons, fabricators, shop employees, contractors, superintendents, architects, estimators, detailers, truss builders, bridge builders, and more.

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  • Unique, Patented 0-15 Key Keyboard significantly reduces entry time and errors. For example, entering 7' - 10 11/16" requires only 3 keystrokes!
  • 6 Permanent, Regular or Accumulative Memories
  • Retains triangle data when the calculator is turned off.
  • Paperless tape - review the last 16 entries
  • Backspace key to correct wrong entries
  • Full trigonometric functions
  • Automatically solves:
    • Right and Oblique triangles
    • Circles & Segments of a circle
    • Bolt circles
    • Area of circles, triangles, boxes, rectangles, etc.
    • Stairs
    • Hip/Valley (Pitch & Degree)
    • Hip/Valley Beam Length
    • Rake (Walls or Grades - Both up and down)
    • Concrete Volume
    • Board feet, Brick
    • Volume of cylinder, cone, cube, rectangle, sphere, ellipse
    • Cubic yards and Square yards
    • Miter Cuts and Miter Pitch
    • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
    • Slopes and Percentage of slope
    • Roof Rafters and Trusses
    • Off-Set Bracing
    • Jack Rafters
    • And much more...
  • Instant Conversion of all types of measurement with the touch of a button:
    • FIS or Feet - Inches - Sixteenths (ex. 7'-10 1/4")
    • Metric - millimeters (2393.95 mm)
    • Decimal (7.854167)
    • Inches (94.25)
    • Inches w/ fractions (94 1/4")
    • Add, subtract, divide, multipy between any types of format
    • Perform all takes in whatever form of measurement you desire.
  • Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. Actual Size is 5 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 3/8"
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Protective hard shelled carrying case with magnetic back
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • 3-volt lithium battery (installed)
  • Lifetime technical support for those hard to figure situations
  • 6-month manufacturer limited warranty

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