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Casio has packed graphing power into a compact affordable unit. The 7400G PLUS was designed to work with the NCTM standards at a price that puts graphic technology in the hands of every student. And its powerful features don't stop there - you can link the FX-7400G PLUS to the Casio EA-100 Data Analysis System or your PC to bring the world into your classroom, and take your classroom out into the world.


  • Fraction operations include conversion of fractions, mixed numbers and decimals
  • Advanced functions available through on-screen, soft key menus
  • Calculations performed with numbers or Lists of numbers
  • 15 digit calculation accuracy with 9 digit mantissa and 2 digit exponent display
  • Calculations are performed according to standard (M-D-A-S) order including parenthesis
  • Up to 10 functions can be stored, graphed, traced and analyzed at the same time
  • 10 Zoom features including storage of 4 user defined view windows
  • Create table of values from given functions and generate plots and graphs from tables of values
  • Graph functions over user defined intervals to examine piecewise continuity
  • Single and double variable list-based statistics calculations including descriptive values and linear, quadratic, logarithmic, exponential and power regressions
  • Single and double variable statistics graphing including box and whisker plots, median-median lines, histograms, scatter plots, X-Y lines, broken lines, regression curves
  • 3 Statistical graph memories store graph definitions List editor creates, edits and manages 6 separate data lists
  • Data can be exchanged between list and table modes
  • Sketch feature draws lines, points, horizontal lines and vertical lines on any graphic display
  • Up to 4 pictures can be stored, and used as backgrounds for comparing graphs
  • Up to 38 programs can be stored with size only limited by available memory
  • Basic-like programming language includes conditional (if, then else) jumping (go to, label) and loop (for, while) commands
  • 8KB of memory available
  • Last answer recall stores the previous answer for compound calculations
  • Memory is maintained even if the unit is turned off
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries and 1 lithium backup battery to preserve memory during battery changes
  • Overhead model available for classroom use
  • Teacher Packs of 10 calculators available
  • Comprehensive guidebook and batteries included
  • Hard-plastic keys and slide case resist abuse
  • Free application based newsletter
  • One year limited warranty
  • Toll-free hotline

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