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D'Zign Surveying Solutions Book for the HP35s - Allowed on NCEES Tests!

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D'Zign Surveying Solutions Book for the HP35s  - Allowed on NCEES Tests! Image - Click to enlargeThe HP-35S is the best option approved for the NCEES exam!

Add a new HP-35S using a +Calc option in the drop-down menu below the price and save. We also have used HP-35s available.

We Enter Option / Program Entry Service:

We can enter all programs in the book into a calculator for you!

Select the We Enter+Calc option to receive a package deal on the book and a brand new HP-35S with all programs entered into it.

Select the We Enter option if you want to mail us your own calculator (we'll provide shipping instructions once we process your order) or to add new or used calculator(s) to your order separately.

Alternately, if you already own the book, you can order program entry service separately.

Program Entry Service Conditions:

It is easy to lose programs by removing batteries, resetting the calculator, clearing memory, etc. Fees will apply if you require reprogramming. If you receive a calculator with incorrect entry, you must report entry issues within 24 hours of delivery. Fees will apply if reprogramming is requested/required after this period. At most 1 free/discounted reprogramming will be performed.

We verify program sizes and checksums, which should guarantee correct entry, but do no other testing. You are responsible for verifying the routines before relying on them (which you'll do as you go through the examples in the book to familiarize yourself with the programs.)

About the Book:

This manual is an instruction manual on programming your HP35Ss calculator, a book of programs for this calculator, a FLS/PLS review course on surveying and engineering calculations, and a workbook, all in one.


  • Traverse
  • Inverse
  • Stakeout
  • Point Storage and Recall
  • Triangle Solutions
  • Circular Curve Solutions and Stakeout
  • Vertical Curves and Tangents
  • Vertical Intersections
  • Station when elevation is known
  • Add or Subtract in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds
  • Simple Azimuth to Bearing/Quad and Bearing/Quad to Azimuth calculations
  • All Trigonometric calculations are done directly in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds

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