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Program Entry Service for HP-35S and HP-33S Calculators - Perfect for Surveying and More!

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Program Entry Service for HP-35S and HP-33S Calculators - Perfect for Surveying and More! Image - Click to enlargeWe can perform tedious program entry for you. This is just like the entry service we offer for D'Zign Surveying Books, but we can enter any programs you send to us.

You can also use this item with a D'Zign Surveying Book you already own or when you need multiple calculators entered from a single book purchase.

How It Works:

  1. Purchase this item; it includes up to 8000 bytes of program entry as shown by the calculator memory feature. Additional entry will be charged in blocks of $10 per 1000 bytes with a $220 maximum additional charge.
  2. There are no additional charges for entry of D'Zign Surveying Solutions programs. For reference, these programs consume 9724 bytes and consist of 1188 lines spanning a little over 14 pages.
  3. Purchase a calculator from us OR have us use yours.
  4. Indicate what you need done in the comments field on the order form.
  5. We'll email you shipping instructions when we process your order.
  6. Mail/email us the listing of programs you need entered.
  7. We enter the programs into the calculator and ship it to you along with any physical copy of programs you provided us.


  • You must own the programs you want entered and provide proof of ownership.
  • Purchase includes up to 8000 bytes of program entry. You will be charged $10 for each additional block of 1000 bytes required to complete entry with a maximum additional charge of $220.
  • We will verify program sizes (LNs) if they are provided. We'll also verify checksums if provided and supported. We can only guarantee correctness of entry with functional checksums. Otherwise, programs will be entered on best-effort basis only.
  • We do no review or testing beyond LNs and checksums. You are responsible for verifying the routines before relying on them, especially when checksums are unsupported or were not provided.
  • It is easy to lose programs by removing batteries, resetting the calculator, clearing memory, etc. Fees will apply if you require reprogramming.
  • Entry issues must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Fees will apply if reprogramming is requested/required after this period. At most 1 free/discounted reprogramming will be performed.
  • This is strictly a program entry service. We do not have expertise in the software or the field it is used for. We cannot write programs for you - only enter them. This service does not include using the software or running tests. We might be able to do that for an additional charge, but keep in mind that even when possible, this will likely take us longer than it would take you and will not provide you with the benefit of learning how the programs function.

Rush Processing:

For faster turn-around time consider any or all of the following:

  • Order expedited shipping. We prioritize orders with fastest shipping.
  • Purchase a new or used HP-35S for entry to eliminate the delay of getting your calculator to us. Furthermore, we often have new units already programmed and ready - they are your best bet if you need minimal processing time.
  • Optionally, sell your calculator to us and apply Store Credit to purchase immediately to reduce the cost. Our buyback offers are 20% higher for Store Credit.
  • Large Quantities: We can often accommodate bulk orders and/or tight deadlines, but planning ahead will help reduce costs and uncertainty. Please email with your project requirements.

Usually ships in 2-3 business days


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