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Hewlett Packard HP-48G Plus Used Graphing Calculator

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Hewlett Packard HP-48G Plus Used Graphing Calculator Image - Click to enlarge11/16/23 - We have 1 unit in stock in Very Good to Like New condition!

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have a limited number of used calculators available at the price listed on this page; once they are gone we'll likely stop carrying this model. These used units have been verified by us to be in good condition and in working order. Includes batteries and case (optional). Does not include: Manuals, or manufacturer warranty. Returns will not be accepted for this item, but we will repair or replace defective units for an extended period of 60 days.

Recommended Replacement: HP-48GII is a follow-on to this calculator. We also recommend powerOne Graph - a software graphing calculator for Palm Pilot although it is purely algebraic. Have a better suggestion?

Alternate Sources: You may also be able to purchase this product here.

Now the power of 3-D graphing, charts, and lists are in an RPN graphing calculator. The HP48G+ helps you work through complicated equations quickly and easily. Use the pre-created forms to input your data fast. The HP 48G+ gives you the functionality of a high-powered graphing calculator in an easy-to-use system.


  • 128 KB of RAM and an equation library built-in. More than 300 commonly used formulas and scientific constants.
  • Object-oriented programming. Create applications quickly and easily.
  • HP MatrixWriter application. View, enter and manipulate arrays.
  • HP EquationWriter application. View equations and formulas just as you would in a textbook or on paper.
  • HP Solve application. Solve for any variable without rewriting your equation.
  • Infrared Communications. Send files between HP 48G/G+/GX calculators, and to the infrared printer (optional).
  • Connect to your Mac or PC with an optional connectivity kit.

3000 Series Waterproof and Crushproof Case - Perfect for Graphing Calculators!
3000 Series Waterproof and Crushproof Case - Perfect for Graphing Calculators!

Aquapac Waterproof PDA Classic Plus+ Case - Perfect for Calculators!
Aquapac Waterproof PDA Classic Plus+ Case - Perfect for Calculators!

Sale: $29.95

Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

HP-48GPLUS $239.95Sale: $224.95Case: 

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